Saturday, October 10, 2009

What a difference a month makes. October is here and we are talking Fall goals that are fast approaching. For me, I am busy with the kids and all their activities of course, all while programming, making my team look ultra fabulous, networking the industry for my girls with Lindsay Messina, my partner in crime and dealing with drama here there and everywhere. Change is always a good thing and I am so proud of the way my staff has come together to provide the most incredible service and programming to our girls. Working along side Lil P, Ceal,Lindsay, Rachel, Janelle, Mel, Cinthia, Jayme, Andi, Tiff and Erin has shown me what its like to have a staff thats positive and "in it" for the right reasons. They are loyal, passionate, classy and have the strongest character. I am truly blessed to be around them and have never experienced such a strong bond thats true and genuine. It has been so awesome talking to my clients on our teleseminars each week. We tackle a different topic all the time and its amazing to hear all the great questions and quite frankly the love from all of you! We look forward to such excitement in the months ahead! Reality tv is interested in us and this time, its going to be pretty big for the Savage Girls! More on that to follow soon! Stay tuned and check back often!