Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February has been a great month! We are seeing some insane transformations with our girls. Women who are a size 12 going to a size 4 and so on and so on....We are seeing first time aspiring competitors preparing for their show in the next few weeks and we are seeing veterans grtting into the best shae they have ever experienced! We are off to a great start and I am thrilled at the results so far! The weeks roll on and we are all in this together. Our bond is amazing-no matter where these girls live, they are connected and I can honestly say that this is the key to our success! Stay tuned to our blog where you will hear from our staff each week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CAMP SAVAGE ROCKED! I met the most amazing women this past weekend. It is such a wonderful feeling to meet women from all over the world who come to my studio for a weekend that turns into so much more than "trying to get the perfect body". I see women who walk in on Friday, not knowing what they exactly want, and not sure of what they can accomplish, but then leave knowing EXACTLY who they are and they are like beautiful flowers that have bloomed into SUPERWOMEN! I am looking forward to West Palm in April 9th-11th) and our big blockbuster camp weekend for all fitness folks (not just competitors) in Toronto in August!! Check our camps page for dates!