Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well, Camp Savage Boston is fast approaching! We are so excited to meet all the fabulous women who are heading to Beantown!
Our staff will be onhand to help, and we have a ton of fun planned!!
We look forward to West Palm beach in April (April 6th-8th) and also TORONTO in August!
Toronto will be a groundbreaking camp to be held at Xtreme Couture in Toronto. Campers will be treated like VIP fitness stars with surprises galore! This camp is not just for competitors- its a FITNESS EVENT for anyone who like to exericse and who desires a healthy lifestyle! Women will come in all shapes and sizes and will leave with a sense off purpose and alot of "soreness" ..hahahaha.
I will be posting pics of CAMP early next week!! Have a fab week everyone! Be sure to tune in and subscribe to for more hot topics!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tonight, my husband and I finished hanging up the most recent canvassed pictures of our beautiful team. I have to say, hubby has just been the main man in getting this studio up and running. There we were, with our two kids running around us, hanging up the gorgeous new pictures.
My husband and I make a great team with our schedules, the kids and everything in our lives. He is always there to help in all aspects and I am so lucky to have him! Camp Savage is next week and he wants to make sure the new place looks great.
We will be posting a new gallery for the 2010 camp right after the weekend ends! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The CSF studio

I am so excited with our new studio. We are still decorating the place but it already feels like home! The large studio is gorgeous and studio 2 is so warm and inviting. I adore having the high ceilings which makes us feel that the sky is our only limit! The bathrooms are beautiful and the cardio deck and weight area is so crisp and clean. The lobby is inviting and what I love most is that when you walk in, you know WHY you are there. All along the walls, are canvasses of our girls and of our team. Thanks to Photographers led By Gordon Smith, who is simply a genious and also Imirage Photography, Harry Grisby, Johnny Lathrop and John Atherton. I am blessed to have these wonderful men in my life who capture the essence and the beauty of my girls. We will be adding a video tour to our site soon so you will all be able to see the new place!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Please say a prayer for the beautiful people in Haiti. The Savage team has been directly affected as our Savage sister Webly Alfred's family is there. Web was finally able to reach her family and they are ok but there are millions who are in need.Please give to the charity of your choice but the Savage team is officially supporting Doctors without Borders. You can go on their site now to donate A portion of the proceeds from this week's Sunday session in Boston will be donated to this fine cause. Please pray for Webly and all the people of Haiti.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What are you planning to do this week? For me, I have plenty planned. I am looking forward to playdates, coaching my fabulous Savage sisters, trying some new recipes and networking my girls into some exciting projects.
One thing about the industry, is that there is "always" something going on and its always coming right at us. Its never a dull moment here in Savage Land. You may think its all about nutrition and training but it goes so far beyond that. To help you better understand, let me lay out a typical day I had last week. I awoke at 5:45am for 20 minutes of cardio, showered, got ready, got the kids up (with the help of hubby-he rocks), answered some emails on my blackberry while I cooked the kids breakfast, drove the kids to school. Drove to my studio, answered emails, called my TLC clients, talked to three different promoters of shows, looking for Savage Girls to attend their events, negotiated two deals for my girls to appear in a advertising campaign, picked out some new clothing, talked to an area restaurant about upcoming campers' night out, scheduled a camp in West Palm Beach as well as Chicago, formatted music for 5 different fitness routines, talked to my staff on a conference call, met with sound guy who was adjusting my studio stereo, worked on new website adjustments, scheduled a dr appt for one of my kids, visited my parents (who I check in on a daily basis as they are the greatest people in the world), met with my amazing technology team, wrote some new articles for UROCK GIRL, conference call with Lindsay Messina, (this was all before 2:30). Picked up my kids from school, helped them with homework and then prepared dinner. Kissed my hubby and sat down to answer more emails. played with my little ones and told them bed time stories, threw in a load of laundry, foldered two washes, and tucked the little ones in. I think I passed my husband in the hallway once (lol). Answered more emails and then called it a night.
I love my life and everyone in it. I cant wait to wake up and do it all again!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New year my friends! Wow, I have to say this has been the busiest kick off to a new year that I have ever had? I mean, really... why not open a new studio, launch a new website, and habve no babysitting scheduled for the two weeks of the holiday vacation. Needless to say I got it done.. I am really considering a career in politics as I think I can truly do a better job than any elected official. I think most moms can say the same thing. We do it all... dont we. .ladies?
I am really excited for this upcoming Spring season, especially our camp season! CAMP SAVAGE takes place at my new gym in a few weeks, and then we will be traveling to Florida in March for camp there as well! Later, we travel to Chicago again, LA as well as Toronto, which is very exciting.
I want to thank all of our teammates and fans from around the world who continue to spread our positive message of good health, friendship and empowerment! Its going to be a great year for us all! Back soon for more updates! For now, enjoy the new beautiful website and soon you will learn that you can get one just like it, for a reduced rate