Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today is our Nutrition seminar! We just had breakfast with our gals from Chicago and now we are heading over for Sunday session and then the seminar! Alot going on in Savage-Land!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend of Girl-Power!

oooh! This weekend will be estrogen filled at my studio! We have 8o plus women coming to our No-Nonsence Nutrition seminar! The response has been off the hook and I am not surprised! We will be getting down and dirty and RAW about what you ladies are capable of, and oh the realities of what heavy duty dieting can do... its not pretty ladies-and you will walk away with a better understanding of what dieting is all about- the good and the bad.. and the REAL.. you think you know..but you have no idea........ cant wait! For the folks that cant make this soldout event, we plan a teleseminar in late June! so stay tuned!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Today, and everyday, remember the brave men and women of our armed services who have given their lives in the name of freedom. We have men and women on our team who are stationed in Iraq, Afganistan and other parts of the world. We love you all and we are thinking of you!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We had a great sunday session today! new girls, and vets alike. You girls rock. I am happy to report Stacy C placed top 5 at the jr usa's in So Carolina, and Savage South Coach Celia Thompson coached fitness class B winner Nikki C to a win there. Andi Martin won Ms Fitness Iron City in Pittsburgh. A great weekend all around. I am on my way home to see if we can manage a cookout despite the sudden rain?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

On my way to the studio for a long but inspirational day with my teammates!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kids are home today as there way too many kids at their school who are sick. I figure whats one day when you are in first grade and pre-k! Thank God for blackberries so when I email you today, be patient! LOL.. I am likely answering you while swimming with the kiddies! LOL.. well, thank goodness for my talent of multi-tasking! Anyway, I am looking forward to next weekend and the crazy no-nonsence nutrition seminar we have planned. I am also glad that we are scheduling the teleseminar version of it as well. We want all our teammates to be a part of it. The cool thing is that many girls flew in for it but we know that all of you cant do that so we will make the next one a teleseminar for sure! We have had plenty of these seminars before but this one has so much more energy for some reason. I think a part of the reason is that we are all so tired of hearing about all the harm and dangers of all these products and programs out there. Its time to set the record straight and put HEALTH first!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I know a thing or two about making IDOLS!

Happy Thursday! Well I watched American idol last night and I mu8st say I am bummed out that Adam didnt win. Kris is good and Ilike him but he sounds like everyone else on the radio. I think I actually had guys in my high school music groups who sang like him- GOOD but forgettable. I like him though and I wish him well. But ADAM is a star! (and you all know how I feel about star power!) its a beautifuul thing- He will be an incredible star just like Chris Daughtry so perhaps this is a blessing in disguise! now he doest have to make a certain type of CD- he can have more freedom so again, everything happens for a reason. best of luck to both of them. I honestly was cheering for Danny all season long. He was clearly my favorite- and not because he looks like my pal, Dave Follansbee-NPC New England Chairman. I loved Danny's story of overcoming tragedy and experiencing triumph. Danny lost his wife to a heart problem, 4 weeks before trying out for IDOL. What an amazing journey he has been on and I WILL buy his CD! Oh well, IDOL is over but not to worry- now its on to my all time favorite show ever-SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE- it starts tonight! totally cant wait! its a Savage Girl fav! Have a great day all!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 20th is my 8 year wedding anniversary! It doesnt seem possible that eigtht years ago today, I got married to my incredible hubby. Eight years later we have two kids, ages 7 and 5 and they are the reason I wake up every morning. As I always say, my life began the day I became a MOM and my life was pretty awesome even before then! Nothing is better than being a wife and MOM. John enables me to balance it all- being a business owner and having a personal life. I couldnt do it without him. He is a huge supporter of Cathy Savage Fitness and he has been with me every step of the way. We both waited a long time to get married and whn we did it, it was RIGHT! He believes in my decisions and my loyalty to my clients who are like my daughters. As a business man, he respects my ethics of not trying to hit my clients up with endless sales pitches and useless products. He really believes in what we have accomplished and our "good girl" message. So thank you Johnny for being strong enough to be married to a strong woman. So many men couldnt handle it but you do it with ease!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Tuesday! Busy Busy Busy! I am working on a number of new programs and products currently. Our nutrition seminar next week is nearly sold out and of course, Jodi, our physique transformation engineer is pulling out all the big guns for this one! Jodi will be producing a nutrition teleseminar within the next few weeks for those of you who arent able to attend!
Jodi and I are also working on some really cool programs and products as well and Tiff BAchus and I are also collaborating on some really nice programs! Needless to say there is alot going on! Throw in the fact that my kids are busy as well so following their absolute cuteness is the higlight of my day! Mad props to husband of the year (my hubby) for not only having his own successful career but for being there for me and the kids and for understanding this crazy fitness life I lead.


Sorry I have been away for a few days from this blog! I promise to keep it up for you all! The past weekend was great- We had a brilliant sunday session with alot of new gals who are eagerly getting ready to compete! I spent a great deal of time letting these girls know how beautiful they are- and to stop worrying about tghe small stuff! I wish these ladies could see what I see!! As women we are all so hard on ourselves and as we reach for that PERFECT BODY, we need to see the good things that is in each and every one of us!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I hope all the Moms out there had a happy Mothers day yesterday! I am back from DC after a whirlwind trip that was go go go!Anyway, we had quite a weekend. The reports from all the shows are still coming in but we had multiple placements and wins all over the country. Winning at the MaggieFit in Rhode Island, winning at the NPC Contra Costa bikini and nearlyh sweeping the FAP Capital show in DC just to name a few. I will be reporting more once I unpack my bags and get rolling! I am so proud of all the girls that competed this weekend! From newbies to veterans, you girls rocked the house and just make me so incredibly honored to know you all as family! A special shout out to Jodi, our physique Transformation Engineer, who drove on Saturday to Rhode Island to the MaggieFit, tanned, and glazed you ladies up, gave you love and slapped your butts down, watched the show, gace me the play by play on the phone, then left right from there and drove 8 hrs to Maryland. Call it the motherly instinct of this amazing woman but I know you all appreciate her efforts to not only making you all beautiful but for caring so deeply and always giving 100%!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday all. I will be heading to Virginia tomorrow for a very quick trip. The Fitness America Capital show takes place on Mothers Day. I am not stoked about being away from my family and my own Mom on that special day but to me, every day is Mothers Day as I get to be with my two most favorite little people in the world as much as I want. Yes, I am also a MOM to many competitors as well. SO my motherly instincts jump into motion wherever I am. So to all the MOMS out there, have a wonderful day- you deserve it!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good morning all! Well, Tori (my 5 year old ) is sick! I am home bound with my little peanut so I am catching up on paperwork programming and all things SAVAGE!! plus a little (princess story time in between!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This picture you see is from one of our infamous Savage Shoots that we do annually in Miami in June and then on the West Coast (LA or Vegas) in November. Its a great way to many of us to get together and have fun! Its not always ALL the Savage girls as we are a very BIG team but for the gals who attend or who are competing in the events in Miami and Vegas, its a great motivator! I cant wait for the upcoming shoot this June in Miami! The only question is- which suit to wear?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a weekend!

First I have to say that Darcy Cain, placed top 5 in Miss New Hampshire which is part of the Miss America organization. I am so happy for this gal! She is gorgeous, wholesome and everything a young woman should be- brains and beauty inside and out! Sunday, I went to the Jay Cutler NPC show here in Boston and the bikini division made quite a splash. I want to thank Dave Follansbee and Maggie Blanchard, with Jim Decotis and staff for making this a great show. The girls had a blast backstage and after all-thats the best part! Annette took 1st in bikini, Lori Harder took 2nd, Kelly McNeil placed 3rd, Janet Harding placed 4th and Lindsay Pearson placed 5th. For Fitness, Nik Bonigovani placed first. It was quite an emotional moment for us both when a year ago this time, Nikki wasnt sure if her life would ever be the same. She couldnt even feel her arms as she was suffering from a disease that presented like Sarcoidosis/or rheumatoid arthritis. To see her back is probably the highlight of my fitness life this year so far! Annette took second and rocked the house followed by Stacy Curcio, coming off from a win in New York. Stacy rocked the house with her Prince routine and is on her way to a PRO card, I just can feel it. Congrats to Regina Blais as well who placed top 5-she is a great person and it was so nice to see her at this show. She did a great job! All the athletes were nice, warm, friendly.. cant say enough.. our figure girls did great including Audra Hill who won her class and Jen Barry who took 3rd or 4th-not sure as I was trying to help out backstage so this part of thie show was a blur! I will have more later! Now we look to the Maggie Fit this saturday and then the DC FAP show this Sunday!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Its Saturday am and I off to a 5 year old b-day party for one of my daughter's friends and then off to the studio for appts. I am excited about tonights finals for Miss New Hampshire and seeing Darcy Cain vie for the crown! More later!

Friday, May 1, 2009

May is kicking off! We develpoed some great programming for this month for all our members and I am excited to see how they all like it! Meanwhile, I am in JOHN MADDON mode as I am reviewing clips (videos) of my girls posing styles and fine tuning each and every move, bumb, twist and turn. I am doing the same with routines. Perfection is a subjective statement but not to me... what my idea of perfection is, is not the same as someone else. Presentation must be 100% on.. I can tell from two steps if this or that gal is going to nail her presentation. Its funny, when Annette Perry walked out on stage last week (two steps) and Jodi and I looked at each other and said "SHE'S ON".. Funny how you just know.. the lights hide nothing and if you are inhibited or unsure of yourself, they gobble you right up. Reviewing their performances year after year truly helps me to pull the champion from within and I know that all their hard work and practice pays off royally. So we have the NPC New Englands on Sunday which will be a great show as always. I have been going to this show since its beginnings. (when there was no fitness or figure)-just bodybuilding. Jim DeCotis puts on a great event and Head Judge Dave Follansbee is incredibly organized. They also do a great job at making sure the athletes feel great about themselves. So I will be back with updates from the show!