Friday, May 1, 2009

May is kicking off! We develpoed some great programming for this month for all our members and I am excited to see how they all like it! Meanwhile, I am in JOHN MADDON mode as I am reviewing clips (videos) of my girls posing styles and fine tuning each and every move, bumb, twist and turn. I am doing the same with routines. Perfection is a subjective statement but not to me... what my idea of perfection is, is not the same as someone else. Presentation must be 100% on.. I can tell from two steps if this or that gal is going to nail her presentation. Its funny, when Annette Perry walked out on stage last week (two steps) and Jodi and I looked at each other and said "SHE'S ON".. Funny how you just know.. the lights hide nothing and if you are inhibited or unsure of yourself, they gobble you right up. Reviewing their performances year after year truly helps me to pull the champion from within and I know that all their hard work and practice pays off royally. So we have the NPC New Englands on Sunday which will be a great show as always. I have been going to this show since its beginnings. (when there was no fitness or figure)-just bodybuilding. Jim DeCotis puts on a great event and Head Judge Dave Follansbee is incredibly organized. They also do a great job at making sure the athletes feel great about themselves. So I will be back with updates from the show!

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