Monday, June 29, 2009

Sorry to not have posted in a while! Its been so busy getting back from Miami, getting the kids ready for camp and just doing what I do! We get back from one major show and I am already planning the goals for my clients as the Fall approaches- talk about wishing the whole Summer away!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What a crazy weekend! Savage Girls rocked the Fitness Universe winning Fitness, Fitness Classic, Bikini Short, Bikini classicm, Bikini Masters and a whole lot of placings in between! I will post the results once I unpack! We had a great time! Congrats to Brooke Johnson Griffen who finally won Fitness Universe-she is one of the most talented and beautiful athletes on the planet and I know how hard she worked. It was a labor of lobve for both of us but it was Brooke who rose above her comfort level to take on this BRAVEHEART routine! Annette Perry rocked her routine as well=she is a consistent performer and she has my heart and soul. I love you Annette. Andi Martin (I think we really are related somehow) placed 3rd in fitness and rocked her biker girl routine-despite some costume malfunctions, she managed to get into the top 5 due to her raw talent, beauty, class and experience as one of the best of the best! I love you Andi! Special shout outs to Amy Cambell who won Fitness Classic as well! All our Classic girls placed int he top 5 as well Again, look for the results, to be posted soon here! I am pooped but back on track to making you all look fit, fabulous, healthy and empowered!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good morning all! I am on my way to bikini pre-lims! The girls look fantastic and they are ready for fun!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


We are here in Miami having a great time! I just got back to my room after spending the day with the girls! What fun!! We had meetings, photo shoots, the annual Savage Shoot and the model seminar! The show begins tomorrow morning! I will have reports all weekend!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well we are a few hours away from the Miami madness! Soon, the whole team from all over the country, Canada and yes even Japan, will all congregate in the sunshine state. Every year, this show gets a little more exciting. The show itself is only one part of the weekend for Savage Girls. We keep our girls so busy with shoots, fun, and yes -the sun (with sunscreen) of course that the show is not the pivotal part of the weekend. For me, its time to be with my team, have fun and celebrate our hard work. Going to this show is like going to a family reunion as there are so many people affiliated with this show, that I have known for over a decade. From the photographers to the other competitors who may not work with me, but are dear friends- its just the best time!
The girls all look incredible and thats really all I can do at this point. Judging is -what it is so I never try to worry about it. No matter what the outcome is, the girls are the stars all weekend and are made to feel like ROCK STARS! So if you are in Miami, and we havent met, please dont hesitate to introduce yourself!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sorry for the delay in my blog! It a busy time here at Cathy Savage Fitness. New York rocked with Kelly J taking home the overall Bikini title. We also kicked butt at the INBF show in fitness and bikini including Janice callahan's continued winning streak. Its a beautiful to see my girls who are supplement free and drug free taking the stage and getting praise and honors. I do not know why women take fat burners, do double cardio and put their bodies in danger with metabolic and hormonal risk from extreme preparations. Well, we do not judge- rather, we are advocates for women's health.
Ok, on to the week ahead, we are busy getting ready for Miami next weekend. We have alot planned-its going to be a jam packed weekend with media events, photo shoots and the show itself. I am looking forward to seeing all my teammates from around the country. What an incredible group you all are!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Saturday morning, I head to New York City for business and fun! I will catch up with Messina, as we cheer on our gals in the NPC Bikini show. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Jodi will be at the INBF show checking on our girls there! We spread out when we need to! Looing forward to seeing the girls at Sunday session as well!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Nutrition Headquarters at CSF

Well our Nutrition Seminar was an amazing hit! 80 girls attended this event on a Sunday afternoon to hear Jodi Jones C.S.C.S. and our Physique Transformation Engineer speak on the effects of long term dieting, and how to separate yourself from being just a "body". We talked about all the fads and dangers of products in the industry that you do not need and how we all as women, have to be smart about our long term health. It was an incredible day and all the topics really hit home! We look forward to our teleseminar for all the gals that missed this one-we will announce the dates later this week! If you are local, come and join us each Sunday from 12-2 for a great workout and posing/presentation skills!