Monday, June 22, 2009

What a crazy weekend! Savage Girls rocked the Fitness Universe winning Fitness, Fitness Classic, Bikini Short, Bikini classicm, Bikini Masters and a whole lot of placings in between! I will post the results once I unpack! We had a great time! Congrats to Brooke Johnson Griffen who finally won Fitness Universe-she is one of the most talented and beautiful athletes on the planet and I know how hard she worked. It was a labor of lobve for both of us but it was Brooke who rose above her comfort level to take on this BRAVEHEART routine! Annette Perry rocked her routine as well=she is a consistent performer and she has my heart and soul. I love you Annette. Andi Martin (I think we really are related somehow) placed 3rd in fitness and rocked her biker girl routine-despite some costume malfunctions, she managed to get into the top 5 due to her raw talent, beauty, class and experience as one of the best of the best! I love you Andi! Special shout outs to Amy Cambell who won Fitness Classic as well! All our Classic girls placed int he top 5 as well Again, look for the results, to be posted soon here! I am pooped but back on track to making you all look fit, fabulous, healthy and empowered!

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