Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sorry for the delay in my blog! It a busy time here at Cathy Savage Fitness. New York rocked with Kelly J taking home the overall Bikini title. We also kicked butt at the INBF show in fitness and bikini including Janice callahan's continued winning streak. Its a beautiful to see my girls who are supplement free and drug free taking the stage and getting praise and honors. I do not know why women take fat burners, do double cardio and put their bodies in danger with metabolic and hormonal risk from extreme preparations. Well, we do not judge- rather, we are advocates for women's health.
Ok, on to the week ahead, we are busy getting ready for Miami next weekend. We have alot planned-its going to be a jam packed weekend with media events, photo shoots and the show itself. I am looking forward to seeing all my teammates from around the country. What an incredible group you all are!

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