Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well we are a few hours away from the Miami madness! Soon, the whole team from all over the country, Canada and yes even Japan, will all congregate in the sunshine state. Every year, this show gets a little more exciting. The show itself is only one part of the weekend for Savage Girls. We keep our girls so busy with shoots, fun, and yes -the sun (with sunscreen) of course that the show is not the pivotal part of the weekend. For me, its time to be with my team, have fun and celebrate our hard work. Going to this show is like going to a family reunion as there are so many people affiliated with this show, that I have known for over a decade. From the photographers to the other competitors who may not work with me, but are dear friends- its just the best time!
The girls all look incredible and thats really all I can do at this point. Judging is -what it is so I never try to worry about it. No matter what the outcome is, the girls are the stars all weekend and are made to feel like ROCK STARS! So if you are in Miami, and we havent met, please dont hesitate to introduce yourself!

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