Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December is here! The month when most people wear sweatpants and loosen their belts! But for TEAM SAVAGE, we have promised ourselves to not only stay fit and focused, but to lose inches. build muscle and rock this month!! A fit lifestyle sure sounds good but WE ARE WALKING THE WALK this month and striving toward un heard of goals! Yeah, we are ALL going to look HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS! It all begins with hope faith and a PLAN! So lets rock this month and look forward to an even better 2011!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010


WOW! Its time for the biggest year end show- VEGAS! Over 100 Savage Girls from all over the world arrive in Sin City for the weekend event filled with photo shoots, networking and yes the show itself.
However thats not the only thing happening this month! Our 8 week HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS is starting and is a great way to lose or maintain weight through the next HOLIDAY weeks!
Thanksgiving is also a challenging week! Our members receive a week long survival kit to get them through the hectic week!
So much to look forward to! Now lets rock!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


October is here! Im so ready for a rocking month! We have our one day camp coming up in October 16th here at my studio and of course all the shows as well! We have a nice bunch of new members coming onboard and we are looking forward to helping them reach their goals!
Also, be sure to check out our EBOOKS, CARDIO NATION and COOKING WITH THE COACHES on our SHOP page here on the website! We know you will love them!! More books are coming soon!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September is off to a great start and we are rolling here at the CSF Studios! Our classes begin soon and they include weekly posing classes, yoga, pump and funk, and Total Body Training!

We are gradually increasing our weekly class schedule to host the best classes in the Community!

Stay tuned for new classes coming soon!


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Beat boredom in the kitchen! The Savage Coaches have compiled their favorite recipes for your cooking enjoyment. You will find over 60 tasty creations for your eating pleasure, from appetizers to entrees, with a few off plan recipes to be enjoyed as reward meals. Along with the recipes, you will learn a little about your Savage coaches, and get some great time-saving tips in the kitchen.

Go to our SHOPS page to purchse! Its only $19.99

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


September is here! Our workouts are fierce and we are all incredibly pumped up after an awesome August! I am excited to travel to Toronto mid month to check out the WBFF show! We have also booked a number of our members for booth and appearance work at the Olympia later in the month!
This month, our "Cooking with the Coaches" cookbook has gone on sale and you can purchase it here on our site under the SHOPS page! This is a fun book with over 60 recipes that will get you in and out of the kitchen! Look for more E-Books coming your way this month! Its very exciting!
Our Perfect Body Online program is also very exciting! We are helping women learn about modeling, giving them the tools they need to network and be in the front row of the industry! In addition to the homework and education we provide, we are also giving PBO members amazing industry discounts on products and services such as glam-rx and photoshoots! Lindsay Messina is working hard to give our girls the perks that she has experienced in her career and we are so blessed to have her with us!
So whatever your goal is, make it count this month! And if you arent yet a member of our team, We would love for you to join us! We are 100% all natural, we are anti-EXTREME and we are all about putting health first! So if this sounds good to you, come along for the ride! Email us at and we will welcome you with open arms!

Friday, August 27, 2010


The last days of Summer!

The countdown to September is calling our name! How exciting it is! We are so proud to be offering our PBO program at a mere ten dollars a month now to help OUR clients receive the best discounts on products, photoshoots and tutorials! Being a VIP member comes with so many perks, its insane!
Our training programs look better than ever for September thanks to the collaboration of our incredible staff of coaches who come with cutting edge experience in sports conditioning, athetic training and of course WISDOM!
September is always one of my favorite times of year as the Fall officially kicks off and motivation runs high!
Need a little kick in your step? Join our sisterhood (and brotherhood) and see whats possible!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Its August! The Summer is nearing an end but there is still FUN left! We have great things to look forward to in August! First, CAMP in Toronto takes place this coming weekend! Cant wait! Next. we have a pep rally near the end of August as well as a nutritional seminar with Dr Mike Mincolla! We are very excited to hear our resident natural practitioner talk about such relative topics!
We also have upgraded our TLC membership. Now, you can upgrade your membership to include 4 calls a week with me! To learn about it, check out our services page!
As always, keep your head on straight, your heart open and reach for the stars! xoxoxox

Monday, July 26, 2010


CAMP SAVAGE TORONTO is coming soon! August 6th-8th. What a weekend it will be! First, I get to spend time in one of my favorite cities. I used to go to shows in Toronto quite frequently, many years ago and I had such a good time. I adore Canadians. I "get" them!
Anyway, to learn more about the camp, visit my camps page on my site. Being the longest running prep camp in the business, I figured it was time to get my butt up to North! I have done seminars there but never a full weekend camp! Joining me will be Lindsay Messina, Lori Harder, Annette Perry, Andi Martin, Melanie Lynch and of course Lil P. We are excited to see our friends and meet new ones too! Berns from Passion Fruit designs will be onhand as well. Reps from Oxygen and other fitness powerhouses will be joining us too! Its going to be a great weekend for sure!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Ok lets go right to the news at hand...
Welcome to July everyone! Our Summer program was such a huge hit that we can not accept any new Summer girls! But new members are welcome to join any of our other programs!

We are getting requests all over the place for our girls, form photo shoots to DVD to print work!

It is all very exciting but Im not surprised as our girls have THE look of the industry-sassy, natural, poised, healthy and oh yes beautiful in so many ways!
Our July workouts totally rock and our staff has put together some extra special touches on our VIP Members private site! Already, our girls are digging the intense workouts!

July is a month where most people's social life is on the upswing. Dont let this get the best of you. Make healthy choices, stay hydrated and modify the "not so good stuff". Stay active and sweat out that extra alcohol or treats that EVERYONE takes in during cookouts, or other social events! You dont have to be perfect folks, just consistent!
This month is going to be very busy for us, here at CSF, because we have some amazing changes in store for Perfect Body Online, our modeling program! We are thrilled beyond belief and will be issueing a major press release on July 15th! Stay tuned people and keep it REAL! xoxoxox

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June is already rocking with our Summer program in full force! We have had an amazing response to our Summer plan that is a 60 day challenge! The winner with the best transformation wins three months of programming with Cathy Savage Fitness!
We will have a similar challenge for July with our current membership so stay tuned if you are already a Savage Girl!
If you are interested in the Summer program, we will take applicants only through July 1st as we are almost at capacity!
Remember to hook up with us at if you have any questions!! Have a great week!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

April- Show time...literally...

During the month of April, my girls have a show every weekend! To say its a fast paced weekend is an understatement! Now lets add CAMP SAVAGE WEST PALM BEACH to the mix, taking place April 9th-11th. Add a trip to New York City to work with our agents and production company. I love being busy! It makes me a better coach as I am forced to keep to a schedule! My kids are also getting super busy with their schedules too so the juggling and balancing act continues! I swear, I can hear the Ringling Brothers circus music always playing in the background. Life is supposed to be filled-it is supposed to be a roller coaster, not a merry go round!
Be sure to check back on my facebook page for instant updates on a daily basis as well as twitter and our sister sites and . Now lets get busy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to March! The Savage Team is excited to begin a new month of fierce training, great nutrition and all things SAVAGE! This week, we are headed to the Arnold Classic in Ohio. We have girls competing there, working booths and making appearances. I will be there to take it all in, have meetings with industry colleagues and of course, have fun! Best of luck to all the athletes competing this coming weekend! We will let you all know how it goes! Have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February has been a great month! We are seeing some insane transformations with our girls. Women who are a size 12 going to a size 4 and so on and so on....We are seeing first time aspiring competitors preparing for their show in the next few weeks and we are seeing veterans grtting into the best shae they have ever experienced! We are off to a great start and I am thrilled at the results so far! The weeks roll on and we are all in this together. Our bond is amazing-no matter where these girls live, they are connected and I can honestly say that this is the key to our success! Stay tuned to our blog where you will hear from our staff each week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CAMP SAVAGE ROCKED! I met the most amazing women this past weekend. It is such a wonderful feeling to meet women from all over the world who come to my studio for a weekend that turns into so much more than "trying to get the perfect body". I see women who walk in on Friday, not knowing what they exactly want, and not sure of what they can accomplish, but then leave knowing EXACTLY who they are and they are like beautiful flowers that have bloomed into SUPERWOMEN! I am looking forward to West Palm in April 9th-11th) and our big blockbuster camp weekend for all fitness folks (not just competitors) in Toronto in August!! Check our camps page for dates!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well, Camp Savage Boston is fast approaching! We are so excited to meet all the fabulous women who are heading to Beantown!
Our staff will be onhand to help, and we have a ton of fun planned!!
We look forward to West Palm beach in April (April 6th-8th) and also TORONTO in August!
Toronto will be a groundbreaking camp to be held at Xtreme Couture in Toronto. Campers will be treated like VIP fitness stars with surprises galore! This camp is not just for competitors- its a FITNESS EVENT for anyone who like to exericse and who desires a healthy lifestyle! Women will come in all shapes and sizes and will leave with a sense off purpose and alot of "soreness" ..hahahaha.
I will be posting pics of CAMP early next week!! Have a fab week everyone! Be sure to tune in and subscribe to for more hot topics!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tonight, my husband and I finished hanging up the most recent canvassed pictures of our beautiful team. I have to say, hubby has just been the main man in getting this studio up and running. There we were, with our two kids running around us, hanging up the gorgeous new pictures.
My husband and I make a great team with our schedules, the kids and everything in our lives. He is always there to help in all aspects and I am so lucky to have him! Camp Savage is next week and he wants to make sure the new place looks great.
We will be posting a new gallery for the 2010 camp right after the weekend ends! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The CSF studio

I am so excited with our new studio. We are still decorating the place but it already feels like home! The large studio is gorgeous and studio 2 is so warm and inviting. I adore having the high ceilings which makes us feel that the sky is our only limit! The bathrooms are beautiful and the cardio deck and weight area is so crisp and clean. The lobby is inviting and what I love most is that when you walk in, you know WHY you are there. All along the walls, are canvasses of our girls and of our team. Thanks to Photographers led By Gordon Smith, who is simply a genious and also Imirage Photography, Harry Grisby, Johnny Lathrop and John Atherton. I am blessed to have these wonderful men in my life who capture the essence and the beauty of my girls. We will be adding a video tour to our site soon so you will all be able to see the new place!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Please say a prayer for the beautiful people in Haiti. The Savage team has been directly affected as our Savage sister Webly Alfred's family is there. Web was finally able to reach her family and they are ok but there are millions who are in need.Please give to the charity of your choice but the Savage team is officially supporting Doctors without Borders. You can go on their site now to donate A portion of the proceeds from this week's Sunday session in Boston will be donated to this fine cause. Please pray for Webly and all the people of Haiti.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What are you planning to do this week? For me, I have plenty planned. I am looking forward to playdates, coaching my fabulous Savage sisters, trying some new recipes and networking my girls into some exciting projects.
One thing about the industry, is that there is "always" something going on and its always coming right at us. Its never a dull moment here in Savage Land. You may think its all about nutrition and training but it goes so far beyond that. To help you better understand, let me lay out a typical day I had last week. I awoke at 5:45am for 20 minutes of cardio, showered, got ready, got the kids up (with the help of hubby-he rocks), answered some emails on my blackberry while I cooked the kids breakfast, drove the kids to school. Drove to my studio, answered emails, called my TLC clients, talked to three different promoters of shows, looking for Savage Girls to attend their events, negotiated two deals for my girls to appear in a advertising campaign, picked out some new clothing, talked to an area restaurant about upcoming campers' night out, scheduled a camp in West Palm Beach as well as Chicago, formatted music for 5 different fitness routines, talked to my staff on a conference call, met with sound guy who was adjusting my studio stereo, worked on new website adjustments, scheduled a dr appt for one of my kids, visited my parents (who I check in on a daily basis as they are the greatest people in the world), met with my amazing technology team, wrote some new articles for UROCK GIRL, conference call with Lindsay Messina, (this was all before 2:30). Picked up my kids from school, helped them with homework and then prepared dinner. Kissed my hubby and sat down to answer more emails. played with my little ones and told them bed time stories, threw in a load of laundry, foldered two washes, and tucked the little ones in. I think I passed my husband in the hallway once (lol). Answered more emails and then called it a night.
I love my life and everyone in it. I cant wait to wake up and do it all again!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New year my friends! Wow, I have to say this has been the busiest kick off to a new year that I have ever had? I mean, really... why not open a new studio, launch a new website, and habve no babysitting scheduled for the two weeks of the holiday vacation. Needless to say I got it done.. I am really considering a career in politics as I think I can truly do a better job than any elected official. I think most moms can say the same thing. We do it all... dont we. .ladies?
I am really excited for this upcoming Spring season, especially our camp season! CAMP SAVAGE takes place at my new gym in a few weeks, and then we will be traveling to Florida in March for camp there as well! Later, we travel to Chicago again, LA as well as Toronto, which is very exciting.
I want to thank all of our teammates and fans from around the world who continue to spread our positive message of good health, friendship and empowerment! Its going to be a great year for us all! Back soon for more updates! For now, enjoy the new beautiful website and soon you will learn that you can get one just like it, for a reduced rate