Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a weekend!

First I have to say that Darcy Cain, placed top 5 in Miss New Hampshire which is part of the Miss America organization. I am so happy for this gal! She is gorgeous, wholesome and everything a young woman should be- brains and beauty inside and out! Sunday, I went to the Jay Cutler NPC show here in Boston and the bikini division made quite a splash. I want to thank Dave Follansbee and Maggie Blanchard, with Jim Decotis and staff for making this a great show. The girls had a blast backstage and after all-thats the best part! Annette took 1st in bikini, Lori Harder took 2nd, Kelly McNeil placed 3rd, Janet Harding placed 4th and Lindsay Pearson placed 5th. For Fitness, Nik Bonigovani placed first. It was quite an emotional moment for us both when a year ago this time, Nikki wasnt sure if her life would ever be the same. She couldnt even feel her arms as she was suffering from a disease that presented like Sarcoidosis/or rheumatoid arthritis. To see her back is probably the highlight of my fitness life this year so far! Annette took second and rocked the house followed by Stacy Curcio, coming off from a win in New York. Stacy rocked the house with her Prince routine and is on her way to a PRO card, I just can feel it. Congrats to Regina Blais as well who placed top 5-she is a great person and it was so nice to see her at this show. She did a great job! All the athletes were nice, warm, friendly.. cant say enough.. our figure girls did great including Audra Hill who won her class and Jen Barry who took 3rd or 4th-not sure as I was trying to help out backstage so this part of thie show was a blur! I will have more later! Now we look to the Maggie Fit this saturday and then the DC FAP show this Sunday!

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