Thursday, May 21, 2009

I know a thing or two about making IDOLS!

Happy Thursday! Well I watched American idol last night and I mu8st say I am bummed out that Adam didnt win. Kris is good and Ilike him but he sounds like everyone else on the radio. I think I actually had guys in my high school music groups who sang like him- GOOD but forgettable. I like him though and I wish him well. But ADAM is a star! (and you all know how I feel about star power!) its a beautifuul thing- He will be an incredible star just like Chris Daughtry so perhaps this is a blessing in disguise! now he doest have to make a certain type of CD- he can have more freedom so again, everything happens for a reason. best of luck to both of them. I honestly was cheering for Danny all season long. He was clearly my favorite- and not because he looks like my pal, Dave Follansbee-NPC New England Chairman. I loved Danny's story of overcoming tragedy and experiencing triumph. Danny lost his wife to a heart problem, 4 weeks before trying out for IDOL. What an amazing journey he has been on and I WILL buy his CD! Oh well, IDOL is over but not to worry- now its on to my all time favorite show ever-SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE- it starts tonight! totally cant wait! its a Savage Girl fav! Have a great day all!

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  1. Having a supportive, loving spouse makes all the difference! I've been married to Joe for 15 1/2 wonderful years and everything you said about your hubby could easily be said about my Joe! Waiting for the right guy is SOOOO worth it!