Monday, May 11, 2009

I hope all the Moms out there had a happy Mothers day yesterday! I am back from DC after a whirlwind trip that was go go go!Anyway, we had quite a weekend. The reports from all the shows are still coming in but we had multiple placements and wins all over the country. Winning at the MaggieFit in Rhode Island, winning at the NPC Contra Costa bikini and nearlyh sweeping the FAP Capital show in DC just to name a few. I will be reporting more once I unpack my bags and get rolling! I am so proud of all the girls that competed this weekend! From newbies to veterans, you girls rocked the house and just make me so incredibly honored to know you all as family! A special shout out to Jodi, our physique Transformation Engineer, who drove on Saturday to Rhode Island to the MaggieFit, tanned, and glazed you ladies up, gave you love and slapped your butts down, watched the show, gace me the play by play on the phone, then left right from there and drove 8 hrs to Maryland. Call it the motherly instinct of this amazing woman but I know you all appreciate her efforts to not only making you all beautiful but for caring so deeply and always giving 100%!

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