Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Tuesday! Busy Busy Busy! I am working on a number of new programs and products currently. Our nutrition seminar next week is nearly sold out and of course, Jodi, our physique transformation engineer is pulling out all the big guns for this one! Jodi will be producing a nutrition teleseminar within the next few weeks for those of you who arent able to attend!
Jodi and I are also working on some really cool programs and products as well and Tiff BAchus and I are also collaborating on some really nice programs! Needless to say there is alot going on! Throw in the fact that my kids are busy as well so following their absolute cuteness is the higlight of my day! Mad props to husband of the year (my hubby) for not only having his own successful career but for being there for me and the kids and for understanding this crazy fitness life I lead.

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