Monday, April 27, 2009

Well, today, I met with my client Darcy who is preparing for this weekend's Miss New Hampshire pageant. Darcy is gorgeous and she sings better than the folks on American Idol.. It is a joy to work with Darcy and I am looking forward to expanding our Pageant prep system since its going so well. Later, I picked up the kids, went to Karate and then home! Tonight I will be programming some Savage Summer programming and also assessing my notes from the Atlantic show this past weekend. I look forward to getting together with Lil P and Jodi so we can compare notes from the show. The thing about having a staff like I have, is that we have worked together for so long- we have this show stuff down to a science. I go back and forth all day- audience and backstrage.. Jodi sits and takes notes on EVERY competitor-and Lil P text messaghes our gals backstage with instant feedback if necessary- for example, I remember a hair piece was the slighest bit out of place so Lil P texted her backstage and the next time onstage, this galw as flawless.. its a great system to have us all doing different things... exhausting but I love love love what I do.... cant wait to gear up again this weekend! I am also pumped for our MENS members who competed this weekend- Rob, our MENS coach is the bomb diggety and knows how to get these guys in mint condition. Total fun!

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