Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well, this is the first entry of my new BLOG! For those of you who dont know me, you can always check out the content of my website. There, you will see the most beautiful healthy fit women in the world- of all ages, backgrounds, and sizes. Being a coach on MTV and turning a frumpy yet adorable Harvard student into a gorgeous fitness model helped the world see what was going on at "Cathy Savage Fitness". I have been coaching women to be "their best" since the early 1990's and having competed in fitness myself, I knew what needed to be accomplished-not just with training and nutrition but what a woman needed to feel worthy enough, and empowered enough to make her fitness goals come true. The coolest thing is to see a woman come into my office, who has no idea what plans I have in store for her. In her wildest dreams, she has no idea that she can turn herself into a gorgeous model or just maybe even the most fit woman at her kids' PTA meeting- whatever the goal, I love making it happen. Industry folks call me the "Idol maker"... I would rather just say I am a gal who loves to be around postitive strong minded people who are tired of feeling bad for themselves and who now want to "pullup their bra straps" and take life by the &^%s.

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