Saturday, August 1, 2009

Its August 1st! We want to welcome all our new members on board! We are the greatest team around! We are so pumped to roll into the last month of Summer and head toward all our goals for the Fall! Whatever your goal is, a show, a wedding, a reunion or just to look GREAT- we are right here with you, cheering you on!
I will have more updates throughout the week but its a refreshing time here at CSF! All systems are GO for the Fall and I cant be more pleased! CAMP SAVAGE will be rocking later this month in Boston and in Chicago! Cant wait! I am also in the middle of negiotating a few Perfect Body Contracts and securing spots for our girls at events such as the Olympia.
So stay tuned and keep up with on facebook (Cathy Savage) , twitter as well as our YouTube channel!

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