Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We are off and running today to Las Vegas for the Fitness America World Championships. I am looking forward to seeing our teammates from all over the world and a fun time is guaranteed for sure! We are also being folowed by reality show cameras so Im not sure if they know what they are in for! The weekend has somany turns and twists-it cant be described! One thing for sure is that I am beaming with pride over my girls! They look fantastic as always but Im so proud to be with these smart, funny and caring women! Sure there are many people who say "how can these girls all love each other"- well they do... we are positive women who support one another.. this makes negative people uncomfortable and thats sad. We are good people, who give back to our community and help each other through those challenging days! So give a shout out to the gals competing this weekend in Vegas as well in Florida! Lets go have fun girls!

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