Thursday, July 9, 2009

CAMP NEWS IS ALL ABUZZ!! I am looking forward to a very busy next few months! First, we have CAMP SAVAGE coming soon in Boston (Aug 14-16) and the next week, we travel to Chicago (Aug 22-23). So August will be a really invigorating month! Our online programs open back up to new members after the Summer break and "show talk" is now happening on a daily basis once again! September looks to be fun with yet another Ambassador Academy happening and before we know it, we are looking forward to theFall season. Could the Summer be going this fast? WOW! With the bad rain, it seems like we are still waiting for Summer to come! Well despite the not so great weather, I still remain an enternal optimist that the sun will come out soon- bethca bottom dollar... as "ANNIE would say.. have a great day all!

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