Friday, July 24, 2009

Its the weekend! woo-hoo! While most people rest on the weekend, my work schedule heats up1 I have clients to meet with, programs to develop, calls to make, promoters to contact all while making sure my kids are having a great Summer! Today was their last day of their day camp! Next is tennis camp for my son and Boston Ballet camp for my daughter~ These kids are very scheduled but I need to make sure they have some down time too! I could benefit from taking my own advice! Taking the time to rest and unplug is important to all of us! Its the best way to stay refreshed! I am more than excited to have my friend and fitness icon and wise-woman Andi Martin join our staff as a coach. She is one of the most respected competitors in the industry and everyone loves her! She is a very experienced coach already and she has a masters in Exercsie Physiology. She is also a Mom, and she has killer abs! So glad to have her around more! Janelle Nicolo is also adding more time to her schedule with us! In addition to coaching her fellow Savage Girls, she is also the PR Director for Perfect Body Online, our exciting new program with Lindsay Messina. In other news, Jayme is coming back to do consulting work with us! She just graduated from Boston University with her MBA and she is going to help us with admin management and marketing brand efforts within the industry which directly benefits our girls!

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