Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July is here! We were busy today working on new programs and getting ready to discuss client goals for the Fall. After all, that is the most important thingfor a competitor or even a weekend waarrior- you have to have a goal!

My day started out with meeting Jodi and discussing special projects that Jodi will be undertaking this Fall. She is dead-set on solving the perils of metabolic repair and if there is anyone who can do it, its her! Its exciting to look ahead and see all the wonderful possibilities in store. I am excited to see all the great things that Jodi will be handling.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Paula and I are planning our Chicago camp along with the help of Nicole Moneer, Lori Harder, Amber Ameredes and a host of others! We also have Boston camp this August as well.

On another note, Lindsay and I are kicking off Perfect Body Online homework edition this month-anyone who joined during the month of June is given nice little homework assignments before the program officially kicks off.

So needless to say, Savage-Land is busy and as vibrant as ever. I love the sport of fitness and transforming people-both physically and emmotionally through an incredible organic and natural approach. And its hittijng home too-the other day, while in the supermarket, I reached for some fruit, and my 7 year old says "mom, I dont think thats the organic brand" . Go figure!

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